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Missional formation for new contexts

Missional formation for new contexts

Cover of International Review of Mission

15 June 2017

How can seminaries, mission agencies, and theological schools teach mission in an age of such vast turmoil and change?

How can the newer, post-colonial paradigms of mission--especially "mission from the margins"--be built into curricula and begin to form the aims, attitudes, and practices of mission everywhere?

These are the concerns of the newly published issue of International Review of Mission, which devotes almost 20 feature articles to the subject of missional formation. IRM editor, Rev. Dr Jooseop Keum, says, "Educators need to be equipped to use [the new mission affirmation] Together towards Life to interrogate their own context, shedding new light on familiar realities. While it is of crucial importance that those reflecting on TTL relate its affirmations to their own context, much stimulus and illumination can be drawn from relevant material generated in other contexts,” featured in the issue.

For this, the first issue of the year, access is open for nonsubscribers as well as subscribers.

The issue is the last for Keum, who has edited the leading journal for ten years and will now dedicate himself fulltime to preparation of the next Conference on World Mission and Evangelism, slated for March 2018 in Arusha, Tanzania. Dr Benjamin Simon, missiology professor at the Ecumenical Institute Bossey, will assume editorship with the December 2017 issue.

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