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At Jewish-Christian gathering Kobia talks about divestment, calls for new alliances for life

While anti-semitism is a sin, not every critique of Israeli policies qualifies as anti-semitism, Samuel Kobia told a Jewish-Christian gathering on Sunday, 24 July.

After bombing WCC sends message to UK churches and people

Expressing solidarity with the victims of today's bomb blasts in London, and total rejection of violent actions, World Council of Churches (WCC) general secretary Rev. Dr Samuel Kobia sent the following message to the churches and the people of the United Kingdom:

July 2005

<span style="font-weight: bold; "» Indigenous peoples challenge UN draft declaration

WCC condemns forced evictions in Zimbabwe, calls on government to stop them

The World Council of Churches (WCC) on 24 June condemned mass forced evictions in Zimbabwe and called on the country's government to immediately stop them.

Partnership in transformation

By Valson Thampu (*)

First official visit by WCC general secretary to Russian Orthodox Church

The revival of the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) and its relations with the World Council of Churches (WCC) will be the focus of an 18-24 June visit to Moscow by an ecumenical delegation led by Rev. Dr Samuel Kobia. It is the first official visit to the largest member church of the World Council of Churches by its current general secretary since he took up the position in January 2004.

WCC general secretary Samuel Kobia to meet Benedict XVI

The World Council of Churches (WCC) general secretary Rev. Dr Samuel Kobia will meet Pope Benedict XVI on Thursday, 16 June. The encounter, which includes a private audience, is the first meeting between the two since they took up their current positions. A press conference is scheduled at 12:30 the same day, after the meeting.

Faith, religion, modernity: a critical moment

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Bolivia: for true democracy indigenous peoples must be included, says Kobia

The inclusion of Bolivia's "indigenous peoples in social and political life" is one of the requisite steps "for the construction of meaningful and true democracy" in the country, the World Council of Churches (WCC) general secretary Rev. Dr Samuel Kobia affirmed in a letter to the churches of Bolivia today, 3 June.

WCC anticipates "new phase" in interreligious dialogue

As representatives from the world's major faith communities prepare to meet in Geneva 7-9 June 2005, leaders of the World Council of Churches (WCC) have expressed hope that the event will provide a new impetus to interreligious dialogue.

WCC appeals to Libyan leader for clemency

Reacting to the verdict of a Libyan court which has condemned to death six foreign health workers, World Council of Churches (WCC) general secretary Rev. Dr Samuel Kobia has asked H.E. Mu'ammar al-Gaddafi, Leader of the Revolution, to spare their lives on humanitarian grounds.