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God of life, God of grace, God of love!

God of life, God of grace, God of love!

Photo: Marcelo Schneider/WCC

31 December 2019

A prayer for the new year from the World Council of Churches

by Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit, general secretary


God of life, God of grace, God of love!

Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit!

On this last day of the year 2019, we come to you in thanksgiving, and in prayer.

God our Creator,

for this year of 2019,

that you gave us to live together

as your creation and with your all creation,

as your beloved human beings,

as one human family,

we thank you for all who have seen and received

true signs of your love,

through the splendour of your creation

and through the generosity of other human beings,

but also, through signs of justice and peace

becoming true signs

of the presence of your Kingdom among us.

At this day we come to you with our prayers

for all those who have experienced that their lives have been filled with sorrows, fear, violence and death,

for all those who have lost their expectations

for the better day of tomorrow,

for the happy new year that comes.

God in your mercy,

You hear our prayers for those who thirst and long

for justice and peace:

give them all your grace, your signs of love,

give them your righteousness, your joy!

Kyrie Eleison!

Give us, o Jesus Christ,

the courage to convey

the embrace and presence

you have offered

to all

through your suffering, death and resurrection.

Let us end this year in Your Holy name, o Jesus Christ,

the name you were given

because you were sent to save us from our sins,

Christe Eleison!

Let us begin the next year in Your Holy name, o Jesus Christ.

You are there in what comes

to give us your love.

You are there and ask us to love you

and all those you care for.

Give us, o Holy Spirit,

that each one of us,

and the one, Holy Church,

and the one and whole world

can be united in hope,

moved by Christ’s love.