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"Another world is possible" : World Social Forum founder Chico Whitaker to speak at WCC

24 October 2006

World Social Forum (WSF) co-founder and 2006 Right Livelihood Award-winner Chico Whitaker from Brazil has something new and exciting to say about how a people-centred economic model can supplant the currently dominant neo-liberal global economic model.

Introducing his latest book, "Changer le monde: (nouveau) mode d’emploi" (Changing the world, [new] instructions for use), published in September in French, Spanish and Italian, Whitaker will speak at a


on 30 October 2006 at 12:30-14:00

at the Ecumenical Centre

150 route de Ferney, 1211 Geneva 2, Salles II & III, 1st floor

Responding to a current perception that the worldwide movement against neo-liberal economic globalization may be running out of steam, Whitaker in his new book reviews the history of this movement. What gradually emerges from this review of the search for economic alternatives are a number of promising strategies for really changing the world.

Where does hope lie? Rather than a master plan to revolutionize the planet from above, Whitaker puts his faith in the networking between the many groups and organizations who, in their practice, are targeting human benefit over financial profit, and marrying social to personal transformation.

Chico Whitaker's presentation will be inEnglish.

Please confirm your presence at the tray-lunch in advance by e-mail or phone to: - +41-22-791-6421