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Workshops (Warshas)

Workshops of the Conference on World Mission and Evangelism.


The “warshas” are an important feature of the World Mission Conference. “Warsha,” a Kiswahili term, is an arena for discussing new ideas with the aim of advancing creative thinking on critical and cutting-edge issues in mission and evangelism. It is a space where participants can be equipped with new skills through the sharing of knowledge. The Warsha Programme will promote the exchange of gifts and experiences among participants in the context of a safe space.

The Conference Planning Committee decided to offer two types of warsha. The first consists of two-day warshas on themes chosen by the working groups of CWME. These workshops are spread over two days and involve two 90-minute sessions, from 14:00 to 15:30 on Friday and Saturday. The two-day warshas will cover the following themes. It is proposed that four workshops will be included under each theme.


  • Called to be a Church Of All and For All
  • Navigating Uprootedness & Displacement: Called to Transforming Discipleship in a Context of Racism and Xenophobia
  • Building Capacity for Migration & Multicultural Ministries: From Chaos to Hope
  • Holy Disruption Holy Subversion: Snakes – Sinners, Saints, or Snacks


  • Being evangelized by the margins: Challenging the centres with counter claims and visions
  • Prophetism and Evangelism in Africa: Emancipation or Servitude?
  • Cultivating Contextualized, Holistic Evangelism Practices
  • Proclamation of the Gospel as Speaking Truth to Powers

Life in All Its Fullness

  • Land & Water for Transforming Lives
  • Churches as Healing Communities
  • Together toward an Economy of Life
  • Indigenous Spiritualties and theologies of the Oikos: A Gift for the Transformation of the World


  • Christian Muslim Relations in Africa: Dialogue and Diapraxis as indispensable forms of Christian Mission in Africa
  • Christian Witness in a Multi Religious World: Glocal Perspectives on a Global Document
  • Christian Mission in Contexts of Multiple Belongings
  • Youth Working Interreligiously for Justice and Peace


  • Mission to Africa and Mission in reverse
  • Missional Formation in Theological Education
  • Missional Formation From the Margins
  • Youth in missional formation

Please also note that there will be a special warsha for four days on prayers and spiritual formation in the Prayer Tent.

The second type of warsha takes place in a single day and explores and engages with contextual and critical missiological concerns among member churches and mission bodies and practitioners. We will offer 20 single-session workshops of 90 minutes from 14:00 to 15:30 on each day of Monday and Tuesday. Therefore, over the course of two days we will run 40 single-session workshops.

Download the detailed list of warshas (pdf, 126kb)