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Plenaries of the Conference on World Mission and Evangelism.

OPENING PLENARY (Thursday morning)

Journeying Together: Celebrating and Lamenting
Moderator: Metropolitan Dr Mor Geevarghese Coorilos

As the World Mission Conference gathers in Arusha, Tanzania, let us celebrate this historic event that will inspire a dynamic vision of mission for the future and how we can move together in mission for justice and peace. The opening plenary will set the tone, spirit, and style of the conference. It will be a time to celebrate, receive greetings from the president of Tanzania, and gain insight on what transformative discipleship means.

10:30–10:35 Seating of participants, with African drums calling participants to the room
10:35–10:40 Theatrical performance – on the theme of the conference, the African context, and the suffering of humankind
10:40–10:55 Opening address by the WCC general secretary, Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit
10:55–10:57 Introduction to the president of the United Republic of Tanzania by Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit
10:57–11:07 Welcome by President of Tanzania, His Excellency Dr John Pombe Magufuli
11:07–11:12 Message from His All Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I; Message from Pope Francis
11:12–11:37 Keynote speech, “Moving in the Spirit: Called to Transforming Discipleship” – Rev Dr Mutale Mulenga Kaunda
11:37–11:52 Responses to keynote speech – Rev. Dr Upolu Vaai and Rev. Prof. Nestor Miguez
11:52–11:57 Theatrical performance – on living examples of discipleship
11:57–12:00 Announcements


CWME PLENARY (Thursday afternoon)

Journeying Together: Celebrating and Lamenting
Moderator: Ms Eva Christina Nilsson

The World Mission Conference is part of the long-standing tradition of the IMC and the WCC, organized roughly every decade by the CWME. It is therefore important to report, through this plenary, the journey of CWME from Athens to Arusha to the WCC member churches, CWME-affiliated bodies, and wider constituencies. The plenary will also include joyful witness and thanksgiving, as well as sharing of challenges and visions. It will introduce the role and contribution of CWME to various issues of missionary practice and common witness while seeking new ways of being faithful to God’s mission in the world with the leading of the Spirit.

14:00–14:05 Opening performance
14:05–14:10 Opening of the conference
14:10–14:25 Moderator’s address – Metropolitan Dr Mor Geevarghese Coorilos
14:25–14:35 Video documentary on the journey from 1910 to 2018
14:35–14:50 Director’s report, “From Athens to Arusha” – Rev. Dr Jooseop Keum
14:50–14:57 Maasai Choir – Together towards Life
14:57–15:20 Panel discussion on the role of CWME:
  • “Mission Thinking and Formation” – Rev. Prof. Roderick Hewitt
  • “Mission as a Movement ‘Together towards Life’” – Rev. Dr Micheline Kamba Kasongo
  • “Mission: Unity and Diversity” – Rev. Dr Susan Durber
  • “Arusha 2018 and Global Mission” – Rev. Christoph Anders
15:20–15:23 Conclusion
15:23–15:30 Introduction to programme and practical information – Rev. Dr Jooseop Keum, Rev. Kyeong-Ah Woo, and Dr Rogate Mshana



Following Jesus: Becoming Disciples
Moderator: Mrs Jennifer Martin

This plenary session will explore evangelism in the light of Jesus’ call to the disciples. It will be reflective, celebratory, and invitational in style, exploring evangelism as fundamental to discipleship, contextual in nature, and prophetically engaged with the realities and injustices of our time.

10:30–10:35 Seating and settling the participants after break
10:35–10:40 Drumming presentation – “Jesus the Drum”
10:40–10:50 Meditation/Reflection:

  • “Symbols of the Good News”
  • “Blessing Jesus the Good News”
  • “Lament for the Violence Evangelism Has been Allied With”
  • “Celebration of the Liberation Evangelism Has Prompted”

10:50–10:55 Introduction of speakers – Mrs Jennifer Martin
10:55–11:35 Panel discussion on evangelism – “Perspectives on Evangelism as Contextual and Prophetic”:

  • Interviewer – Rev. Dr Peter Cruchley
  • Panellists – Prof. Dr Dimitra Koukoura, Dr Lin Manhong, Ms Isis Kangudie Mana, Rev. Dr Jin S. Kim, Mr Kenneth Ben, and H.E. Metropolitan Iosif Bosch

11:35–11:55 Table talk
11:55–12.00 Announcements and drumming reprise sending participants into prophetic evangelism as disciples



Becoming Disciples: Transforming the World 
Moderator: Bishop Mary Ann Swenson

The third plenary of the World Mission Conference affirms the understanding that mission now and into the future is lived and practised at and from the margins; God empowers the vulnerable, the poor, and the marginalized to be primary agents in God’s mission of making real God’s reign of justice and peace. This plenary will be framed in a liturgical format reflecting our conviction that discipleship is a whole way of life and that this is exactly how the marginalized are fulfilling God’s mission and are transforming the world.

10:30–10:35 Gathering of the people with a Conch/Sami traditional chant
10:35–10:40 Call to worship – a migrant youth group
10:40–10:45 Reading – a group of EDAN
10:45–10:50 Liturgical dance introduction to keynote message – an African IP youth group
10:50–11:10 Message – Ms Adi Mariana Waqa
11:10–11:45 Responses by panellists and interaction with floor:

  • Panel moderator – Rev. Dr Hong-Jung Lee
  • Panellists – Dr Thomas Kemper, Bishop Sofie Petersen, Rev Kelli Parrish-Lucas and Mr Mervin Toquero
  • Rapporteur: Mr Juan Carlos Chavez Quispe

11:45–11:50 Blessings – a multicultural youth group
11:50–11:55 Conclusion 
11:55–12:00 Announcements



Transforming the World: Equipping Disciples
Moderator: Rev. Prof. Steve Bevans

This plenary explores how to continuously and consistently equip disciples who are dedicated to on-going spiritual growth and transformation. The plenary will lift up examples of initiatives and methodologies of theological and missional formation.

10:30–10:35 Music/Welcome by the moderator – Rev. Prof. Steve Bevans 
10:35–10:50 Action and reflection on the signs of times – Bishop Dhiloraj Ranjit Canagasabey and Ms Nafkot Mamuye Dessalegn
10:50–11:15 Panel Interviews – “Methodologies of Continuously Equipping of Disciples”:

  • Interviewer – Rev. Prof. Kennth Ross
  • Panellists – Bishop Yuhanon Mar Demetrios, Prof. Kirsteen Kim, and Rev. Prof. Kwabena Asamoah-Gyadu

11:15–11:25 Dance/drama – on formation for discipleship
11:25–11:55 Examining formation as discipleship:

  • “Theological Education” – Rev. Dr Septemmy Lakawa
  • “Leadership Training” – Bishop Mark Macdonald
  • “Through a Case Study of a Missionary Congregation” – Fr Richard Nnyombi
  • “Mission Agency Reformed by Call to Discipleship” – Rev. Dr Collin Cowan

11:55–12:00 Conclusion/Announcements



“Equipped Disciples: Embracing the Cross”
Moderator: H.E. Metropolitan Gennadios of Sassima

As the last thematic plenary of the World Mission Conference, this session has solid thematic content but at the same time follows from the logic of the previous themes. Ideally, this plenary will prepare the participants for the concluding plenary. It aims to provide the participants with essential missiological aspects of the theology of the cross and its focus on life-giving, hope, and resurrection, and also highlight the links between embracing the cross as equipped disciples and the call to transforming discipleship.

10:30–10:35 Seating of participants, with African drums calling participants to the room
10:35–10:40 “The Cross in Different Christian Traditions”  
10:40–10:50 Keynote address, “Embracing the Cross Today in the Context of the Middle East” – H.H. Igantius Mor Aphrem II, Patriarch of the Syrian Orthodox Church
10:50–11:10 Witnesses and testimonies:

  • “Carrying the Cross of Poverty” (L. America) – Rev. Roberto Zwetch
  • “Carrying the Cross of the Experiences of the Pan African Women Ecumenical Empowerment Network (PAWEEN)” (Pan Africa) – Rev. Dr Angelique Walker-Smith
  • “Carrying the Cross of Prejudice from a Dominant Culture” (N. America) – Ms Kathlyn Lohre

11:10–11:15 Musical intermezzo with African drums and dancing
11:15–11:30 Keynote address on the spiritual dimension of embracing the cross (based on Mark 8:34) – Rev. Dr Vuyani Vellem
11:30–11:40 Religious leader speaking on “I Have a Dream” – The Mufti and the Chairman of BAKWATA, Sheikh Abubakari Zubeir bin Ali
11:40–11:45 Readings by young participants – Ms Achsah Gabagambi Charles, Mr Hyungil Lee, and Rev. Marianne Brekken
11:45– 11:55 Church leaders speaking on “I Have a Dream” — Rev. Dr Sang Chang and Bishop Brian Farrell
11:55–12:00 Procession with African crosses of a group singing Swahili songs and dances



Equipped Disciples: Embracing the Cross
Moderator: Metropolitan Dr Mor Geevarghese Coorilos

The final plenary is a time to celebrate transforming the notion of discipleship into active involvement in bringing the reign of God closer to earth, as well as the transforming power of discipleship for individuals and communities. It is also an opportunity to lift up the powerful presence of youth in the conference and beyond!

16:00–16:05 Seating of participants under the sounds of drums  
16:05–16:15 Reading of the “Arusha Call to Discipleship” – Rev. Prof. Kenneth Ross and Rev. Dr Robina Winbush (Co-moderators, Conference Harvesting Group) 
16:15–16:20 Buzz groups
16:20–16:45 Comments from the floor on the “Arusha Call” 
16:45–16:55 “Arusha and Beyond” – youth sharing through images, voices, music, and dance (video)
16:55–17:00 Drama/dance interval
17:00–17:10 Second reading and adoption of the “Arusha Call” 
17:10–17:20 Closing address by moderator of the WCC central committee – Dr Agnes Abuom
17:20–17:25 Closing acts – Rev. Dr Janet Corlett
17:25–17:30 Announcements/Preparing to join the sending service – Rev. Dr Jooseop Keum