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News articles from the World Council of Churches Central Committee meeting in Trondheim, Norway, 22-28 June 2016

from the WCC Central Committee meeting in Trondheim, Norway, 22-28 June 2016

In Trondheim, Central Committee forges decisions around Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace

Hope in a Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace formed the integral thread for proceedings at the meeting of the Central Committee of the WCC in Trondheim, Norway this week. The 2016 meeting took place 22-28 June, the second gathering since the Central Committee was elected at the WCC 10th Assembly in Busan, Republic of Korea in 2013.

Church leaders from around the world speak of HIV impact on communities

Churches are engaged at the grassroots level throughout the world in the response to HIV and AIDS, but the struggle against the disease and those stigmatized for being HIV positive needs to continue, say church leaders.

WCC explores digital publication of Faith and Order Papers

The Faith and Order Papers, comprising more than 300 documents and publications that embody more than 100 years of serious and sustained reflection on core issues of Christian faith, are planned to appear in electronic form for the first time.

Religion: Way of war or path to peace?

From Paris to Pakistan, Orlando to Myanmar, Iraq to Nigeria, each day witnesses conflict and violence perpetrated in the name of religion or committed against persons because of their religious identity.

WCC approves 2018 World Mission Conference in Tanzania

The next World Mission Conference is to be held in Arusha, Tanzania, 8-13 March 2018. The proposal to hold the conference was approved by the WCC Central Committee.

WCC strongly condemns lethal terror attack at Istanbul airport

The World Council of Churches' (WCC) general secretary, Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit, has condemned as an “odious crime” the lethal attack by gunmen at Istanbul’s Ataturk airport who turned themselves into suicide bombers killing at least 36 people and wounding 147 others.

Georges Lemopoulos looks back on 30 years with World Council of Churches

Georges “Yorgo” Lemopoulos says his discovery of global ecumenism as a theology student in Istanbul, Turkey, transformed his life. The member of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople credits theology professors who were active in ecumenical work with awakening his interest in the global church movement.

WCC affirms commitment to finding a timely solution to conflict in Israel and Palestine

The WCC Central Committee meeting in Trondheim, Norway authorized the convening of an international ecumenical conference in 2017 “to reaffirm and strengthen ecumenical witness for peace with justice for Israelis and Palestinians.”

WCC declares the churches’ solidarity with Tanah Papua (West Papua)

Amid reports of a deteriorating human rights situation in West Papua, a minute of support for Papuans was issued on 28 June during the closing day to a meeting in Trondheim, Norway, of the WCC Central Committee.

WCC speaks on behalf of forcibly displaced persons

In a “Statement on the Forced Displacement Crisis,” a call for the world’s nations to “honour the letter and spirit of their obligations under international law, including human rights and refugee law and especially the right of asylum” was issued on 28 June by the WCC Central Committee.

WCC Central Committee calls for self-critical introspection on religion and violence

In a public statement adopted on 28 June, the Central Committee of the World Council of Churches (WCC) has designated “peace-building in the context of religion and violence” as the special thematic focus for 2017.

Å være menneske er å være sårbar

- Når vi omtaler funksjonshemmede som "de sårbare", styrkes vrangforestillingen om at mennesker uten funksjonshemninger er sterke og klarer seg selv.

WCC meeting in Trondheim proves “a gift” to Church of Norway

Hosting the meeting of the World Council of Churches (WCC) Central Committee in Trondheim, Norway, has proven to be a gift to the Church of Norway, according to a senior church official.

New Executive Committee members elected in Trondheim

The Central Committee of the World Council of Churches (WCC), at its meeting in Trondheim, Norway, 27 June 2016, has elected a new executive committee with 11 new members.

Plenary on children took place at WCC Central Committee meeting

A plenary discussion on support by religious communities for the rights of children, and a first draft of the statement of “principles for child-friendly churches,” captured the imagination of the Central Committee of the WCC on 27 June. The document will now undergo further revision and be resubmitted at the next WCC executive committee meeting.

Observing the fifth anniversary of "Christian Witness"

28 June 2016 marks the fifth anniversary of the launch of the significant document Christian Witness in a Multi-religious World: Recommendations for Conduct, a milestone in ecumenical agreement about mission and evangelism.

Pilgrimage and youth

Youth are not the future leaders of tomorrow. They are the leaders of today, as they fearlessly lead efforts for justice and peace in their societies.

Puerto Rico in need of urgent help, says WCC

The WCC has called on the U.S. government to address the dire financial situation of Puerto Rico, a U.S. territory, and for the U.S. Congress “to enact a rescue plan urgently.”

WCC Central Committee decries human trafficking and smuggling of migrants

Saying that “human trafficking and migrant smuggling constitute modern-day slavery,” the Central Committee of the World Council of Churches (WCC) “urges its member churches to join this challenge, and inspired by the Gospel, to contribute to the awareness and prevention of human trafficking and migrant smuggling in each of our areas of mission.”

New member churches welcomed in WCC

The World Council of Churches (WCC) has welcomed three new member churches to the ecumenical fellowship and also admitted two others to interim membership status. The action, taken by the WCC Central Committee at its June 20-28 meeting in Trondheim, Norway, expands the number of member churches to 348.