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National Council of Churches in Denmark

Founded in 2004, as a merger of the Ecumenical Council of Denmark founded in 1939, and the Council of Danish Churches founded in 1991.

Basis: The National Council of Churches in Denmark is a community of Christian churches, religious communities and congregations in Denmark who worship and confess one God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit as Creator and Saviour, and giving life on Earth, in accordance to the Bible and the Apostles' Creed.

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Anglican Church

Apostolic Church

Baptist Union of Denmark

Coptic Orthodox Church

Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark (Council on International Relations)

International Church of Copenhagen

Methodist Church

Mission Covenant Church

Moravian Church

Reformed Synod in Denmark

Roman Catholic Church

Salvation Army

Swedish Church “Gustafskyrkan” in Copenhagen



Association of Diaconal Services

Boys’ Brigade

Children and Youth Federation of the Baptist Union of Denmark

Children and Youth Federation of the Methodist Church

Christian Movement of High School Students in Denmark

Church and Media

Church Centre

Church Foundation

Council of Aarhus

Churches Council of Evangelical Free Church

Danish Bible Society

Dialogue Center

Diocesan Committee of Aalborg

Diocesan Committee of Aarhus

Diocesan Committee of Copenhagen

Diocesan Committee of Elsinore

Diocesan Committee of Funen

Diocesan Committee of Ribe

Diocesan Committee of Roskilde

Diocesan Committee of Viborg

Ecumenical Centre in Aarhus

Ecumenical Women Committee

Ecumenical Youth

Girl Scouts in Denmark


Movement of Young Peoples Home

Students’ Congregation in Aarhus

Women’s Federation of the Baptist Union of Denmark

Women’s Federation of the Methodist Church

Y’s Men International

YMCA and YWCA in Denmark

YMCA-Scouts in Denmark

Young Catholics in Denmark

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(Unter den ÖRK-Mitgliedern)
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