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Afrikanische Bruderschafts-Kirche

Kirchenfamilie :
Hauptsitz in : Kenia
Vertreten in :
Mitgliederzahl : 159.193
Pastoren/-innen : 774
Gemeinden : 916
Mitglied von :
Assoziiertes Mitglied von :
WCC Member Since : 2018

The Africa Brotherhood Church was founded in 1945 by several brotherhoods that received the Gospel from the Africa Inland Mission, Salvation Army or Roman Catholic missions. They wanted to focus on education and enculturation of Christianity.

Today, the Africa Brotherhood Church witnesses the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Kenya and especially in the region of Machakos, and seeks to enculturate Christianity in this particular context. The church stands for the eradication of tribalism, corruption and any kind of discrimination both among its own constituency and in Kenyan society.

The Africa Brotherhood Church has well-developed structures which enable it to provide an efficient witness to the Gospel and  impressive diaconal, social and educational activities. It puts emphasis on theological education both for ministers and laity, on good governance and on efficient fundraising which makes the church self-sustainable.