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CHAPTER 6 Pastoral Care and Healing Community
CHAPTER 6 Pastoral Care and Healing Community
CHAPTER 5 Human Rights, Responsibilities and HIV/AIDS
CHAPTER 5, Human Rights, Responsibilities and HIV/AIDS
CHAPTER 4 Ethical Perspectives
CHAPTER 4, Ethical Perspectives
CHAPTER 2 The scientific facts: an introduction
CHAPTER 2, The scientific facts: an introduction
CHAPTER 1 Why this Study Was Prepared
CHAPTER 1, Why this Study Was Prepared
APPENDIX 3 Persons Involved in the HIV/AIDS Study Process
APPENDIX 3, Persons Involved in the HIV/AIDS Study Process
Midday prayers of peace and justice for creation
This material was compiled by members of the Ecumenical Centre worship committee as an inspiration for congregations celebrating Time for Creation.
WOCATI 2011 Consultation Communiqué
Communique from the 2011 Consultation of the World Conference of Associations of Theological Institutions (WOCATI), which took place in Johannesburg, South Africa, from 4 to 8 July. The Consultation, the first ever mabe in Africa, gathered 38 representatives of Protestant, Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Evangelical, Pentecostal and African Independent Churches, who discussed issues of quality in theological education on a global level.
Towards A Common Charter on Quality in Theological Education, Dietrich Werner
The Translatability of the Gospel and Theological Education in World Christianity in the 21st Century, Dietrich Werner
Quality in Theological Education - Discussion in Francophone Networks (CEVAA)
The fragmented landscapes of theological education on global scale today and different political conditions and frameworks according to which theological education can organize itself also lead to quite different ways in which accreditation and quality assessment of higher education institutions in theological education is taking place. There has not been yet any attempt to compare and reflect theologically the different sets of criteria by which associations of theological schools asses the quality of theological education within their own area of responsibility. A major international and ecumenical research project would be advisable and deserve funding on questions like a) What are the underlining theological presuppositions for sets of quality criteria for theological education in a given social and denominational context? b) What is the relation between general or secular sets of criteria for assessment in higher theological education and specific sets of criteria which emerge out of specifically theological concerns? c) To what extend there is a common ground between different sets of criteria for theological education programs between different social and denominational contexts?
Missionary learning and ecumenical formation in regional churches in the German context - Dietrich Werner
Mission and theological education - Suggestions for Possible Priorities in CEC for the Future
Lecture for CEC Commission Churches in Dialogue, Budapest, June 2011
Global Theological Education Survey 2011-2012
Global Research on present status and future of Theological Education in World Christianity
Asian Forum on Theological Education (AFTE)
Responding to the need of working together in training future church leaders, the Ecumenical Theological Education of the World Council of Churches (ETE-WCC) in cooperation with the Christian Conference of Asia (CCA), 15 representatives from regional and national theological associations, networks and partner organizations for theological education in Asia met at Trinity Theological College, Singapore on the Pentecost-weekend from 10-11, June, 2011.
Association of Theological Instititions in Southern and Central Africa (ATISCA), Johannesburg 2011
Message of condolences on the death of Bishop Alberto Ramento
The World Council of Churches' Condemnation of Forced Evictions in
Congratulatory message to the President of South Africa