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Communications work for the 11th WCC Assembly

Thank you for your interest in communications work for the World Council of Churches in connection with the 2022 WCC Assembly. We expect to recruit both young communication trainees and more experienced communicators for services either in Karlsruhe or online from locations around the globe.  

We are currently assessing our needs more specifically, in terms of both skills and numbers, and expect to have a clearer picture of that by June this year. Recruitment procedures, role descriptions and application forms will then be available online at our website. Please keep an eye on that.

Only applications following these formalities will be taken into consideration. More information about the assembly can be found here.

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Marianne Ejdersten,
WCC Communication director
+41 79 507 6363
+41 22  791 6018

WCC: +41 22 791 61 11

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+41 22 791 61 11

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Anglican-Orthodox dialogue will be focus of third WCC webinar on bilateral dialogues

A 9 March webinar—the third in a series of seven on bilateral dialogues—will focus on “Anglican-Orthodox Dialogue: History, Results, Reception” as well as the Canterbury Statement “Stewards of Creation: A Hope-Filled Ecology,” a statement on ecology jointly published by the Anglican Communion and the Orthodox Churches in October 2020.