Blog post by Esther R. Suter

About the author :

Rev. Esther R. Suter currently lives in Basel, Switzerland, where she was born and grew up.

After some years working as a secretary, she studied Theology, French and English at the Universities of Basel, Munich and Geneva (Ecumenical Institute Bossey), already opening up for ecumenical and interreligious questions and contacts.

Ordained as a Reformed pastor in Switzerland, she worked during ten years as a chaplain at the University Hospital in Basel. During a period working as a substitute pastor, she used times in-between placements in congregations to travel more than 30 countries, starting to report as a journalist on a variety of issues and taking lots of photos. She has lived abroad for seven years in total (working as a volunteer pastor in a poor Manhattan neighbourhood, among other experiences) and has a broad-ranging formation in Fine Arts, Asian philosophy and medicine.

Currently, she mainly works as a freelance journalist in German, French and English. She plans to finalize her doctoral thesis about a Swiss liberal theologian (Fritz Buri, 1907-1995) in 2017.

She is the vice-president of the Internationale Association of Liberal Religious Women and a member of the International Alliance of Women, representing IAW on the NGO-CSW-Commission in Geneva and as their representative for Human Rights at the United Nations in Geneva. Since 2010 she regularly attends the meetings of the UN Commission on the Status of Women, in New York as an NGO delegate.