Rev. Prof. Dr Sang Chang

Rev. Prof. Dr Sang Chan is the WCC president from Asia.

Rev. Prof. Dr Sang Chang, WCC president for Asia

Rev. Prof. Dr Sang Chang, WCC president for Asia. Photo: Albin Hillert/WCC

Rev. Prof. Dr Sang Chang

WCC president from Asia

Rev. Prof. Dr Sang Chang is an ordained minister of the Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea. She has been a strong advocate and promoter of women’s rights. She served as a national leader in the Korean YWCA, organizing and conducting seminars and workshops on the human rights of the Korean women who were engaged in the sex industry for American military personnel stationed in Korea. She was also responsible in the movement for promoting women’s right to work, as well as empowering and educating women.

Rev. Dr Chang has been a pioneer in opening new doors for women’s participation in new realms. She was one of the founding members of the Korean Association of Women Theologians. She is a respected scholar in New Testament studies and is the author of many publications. She was the first person to be appointed prime minister of the Republic of Korea in 2002, thus paving the way for women’s leadership in Korean politics. The various activities in promoting human rights and the rights of marginalized have also extended to her work for peace and reconciliation on the Korean peninsula. She has served on various committees for reconciliation and reunification of the Korean peninsula and particularly as the Senior Advisor to the Reunification Committee of the ROK government. In addition to her ecclesial and ecumenical commitment in Korea, she served on the executive committee of WARC for two terms.