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Christian self-understanding amid many religions

This project engages member and non-member churches and Christian communities in reflection on what it means to be a Christian in a world of many religions, and on conversion as an issue in inter-religious relations.
Christian self-understanding amid many religions

Relations with people of other faiths impact Christian self-understanding, mission and witness as well as Christians' understanding of other religions.

This project invites the WCC constituency to consider how inter-religious dialogue challenges theology and Christian self-understanding.

It compares findings in inter-religious dialogue with how Christian theology understands the nature and purpose of the church and, through consultations and the Internet, tries to create space for these findings in Christian theology.

In dialogue with people of different faiths, it considers understandings of conversion with a view to producing a code of conduct on religious conversions.

And it studies Christian self-understanding in a religiously plural world.

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