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The term "WCC document" applies to texts of many different types and levels of institutional authority. Many hundreds of such texts are available on our websites.

List of documents by publication date (most recent documents on top):

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The World Council of Churches' Condemnation of Forced Evictions in
Congratulatory message to the President of South Africa
Letter to H.E. Kofi Annan
Resolution regarding Christian holy places in and around Jerusalem
Report on the inter-religious tensions in Nigeria
report on the inter-religious tensions and crisis in Nigeria
Statement on the Middle East
Congratulations to new leading Bishop of the Church of Norway
Congratulations to new leading Bishop of the Church of Norway Bishop Helga Haugland Byfuglien
Living together is the future
Meditation by WCC general secretary by Sant’Egidio Prayers for Peace – Sarajevo September 11, 2012
Statement on Arms Trade Treaty
Statement on Arms Trade Treaty on UN Conference on Arms Trade Treaty in New York, 2012
Midday prayers of peace and justice for creation
This material was compiled by members of the Ecumenical Centre worship committee as an inspiration for congregations celebrating Time for Creation.
Racism against Afro-descendent minorities in Latin America and the Caribbean
A call to churches worldwide to educate people about racism, this declaration was made by church leaders from across the Americas and Caribbean at the end of a conference held 22-24 June 2011 in Managua, Nicaragua.
Ruling on Migrants' Right of Non-Refoulement
The World Council of Churches welcomes the landmark ruling of the European Court of Human Rights on 23 February 2012, in which the EU Court ruled that Italy violated the rights of Eritrean and Somali migrants by sending them back to Libya.
Study VIII: Community
Study VII: Spirituality
Study VI: Witness in a Religiously Plural World
Study V: The Experience of Salvation
Study IV: Jesus Christ
Study III: Scriptures
Study II: Creation