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Abolished, but Not Destroyed: Remembering the Slave Trade in the 21st Century
Abolished but Not Destroyed: Slavery in the 21st Century
A statement from the delegates of the ecumenical conference "Abolished, but Not Destroyed: Remembering the Slave Trade in the 21st Century" in Runaway Bay, Jamaica; December 2007
Attacks on Roma families in Belfast
International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
Message from the Doorn conference
Oral statement of the ecumenical caucus at the WCAR
Racism against Afro-descendent minorities in Latin America and the Caribbean
A call to churches worldwide to educate people about racism, this declaration was made by church leaders from across the Americas and Caribbean at the end of a conference held 22-24 June 2011 in Managua, Nicaragua.
Racism today: Rationale for ecumenical commitment
The World Council of Churches convened a meeting at the Ecumenical Centre, Geneva on December 4 & 5, 2008 with some of those who have been involved in the work of the Programme to Combat Racism to consider appropriate ways in which its 40th anniversary might be commemorated in 2009.
Report on WCC participation in WCAR
Sermon at closing worship service, Doorn
Sermon preached at the closing worship service of the 14-17 June 2009 conference "Churches responding to the challenges of racism and related forms of discrimination and exclusion"
Statement from the WCC conference on Racism Today
Statement from the WCC conference on Racism Today and the Rationale for continued ecumenical engagement, Cleveland, Ohio, 26-29 August 2010
Statement of the ecumenical caucus to the WCAR
Submission to UNHCHR re WCAR draft declaration
Understanding racism today dossier