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Young theologians explore ways of furthering ecumenical formation

New forms of ecumenical formation, as well as ways of enhancing ecumenical contributions from young people in churches and societies, were discussed by fifteen young theologians in a meeting convened by the WCC.

Archbishop of Canterbury reflects on the “pilgrimage of justice and peace”

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby generously granted an interview on the subject of “the pilgrimage of justice and peace” last week in São Paulo, Brazil. His visit to Brazil was part of a personal journey that has taken Welby to 31 Anglican provinces around the world since his enthronement as archbishop in 2013.

Churches advocate for the rights of stateless people

To give visibility to the voices of stateless people in our society as well as to strategize together in how to support protection of their rights, a consultation was held by church organizations in Den Dolder, the Netherlands, in preparation of the UNHCR First Global Forum on Statelessness to be held from 15 to 17 September in The Hague.

Prayers, reflections and action during “Time for Creation”

Invoking prayers for creation, eco-justice and peace with the earth, Time for Creation, a Christian global event, is observed worldwide by many member churches of the WCC. This year, the Council has invited a focus on the theme “pilgrimage of justice and peace” – a call issued by the WCC 10th Assembly in Busan, Republic of Korea in 2013.

Towards accessible and inclusive societies and churches in Latin America

An emphasis on establishing societies that offer opportunities for fulfillment and development to all was endorsed by participants in a meeting at Bogota, Colombia. Such societies, they said, would especially benefit people with disabilities in Latin America, a region where prevalence of disability is high, as reported by the Economic Commission for Latin America.

WCC general secretary speaks on reality of wars at Sant’Egidio meeting

Around 400 international participants representing diverse religious traditions at the Sant’Egidio community's 28th International Meeting of People and Religions in Antwerp, Belgium, focused on the theme “Peace is the Future”. The meeting featured dialogue, prayers and reflections on cultures and religions, including on 9 September an address from the WCC general secretary Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit.

Churches from diverse traditions to address persecution faced by Christians

A recent meeting of representatives from ecumenical organizations, Catholic, Evangelical and Pentecostal churches in Strasbourg, France has promised to address more effectively discrimination, persecution and violence faced by Christians around the world. This theme will be explored in depth through an international consultation to be held in 2015.

Church organizations explore ways of strengthening relationships

Addressing challenges in the way of cooperation between churches and church-based development organizations, also known as “specialized ministries” – an international consultation in Malawi has been promoting mutual collaboration and a common vision of working together for justice and peace.

Humanitarian need and loss punctuate crisis in northern Iraq

Even as hundreds of thousands of people displaced by the self-proclaimed Islamic State of Iraq and Syria militant attacks find refuge in the towns of the Kurdistan region of northern Iraq, agencies assisting these internally displaced persons warn of a huge unmet humanitarian need exacerbated by the looming onset of winter.

WCC hosts Global Energy Parliament exploring “science of peace”

WCC hosts Global Energy Parliament exploring “science of peace”

The WCC hosted the Global Energy Parliament at the Ecumenical Centre in Geneva, Switzerland. The event addressed the theme “The Science of Peace in Humans, Humans in Peace,” exploring a scientific understanding of peace featuring reflections on how lasting peace can be built by individuals and nations.

Migration transforms how churches do theology

Amid the reality of migration, theological education can lead to the transformation of the church, agreed participants in a seminar organized by the WCC.

Sea Prayers in Samoa show solidarity with people exposed to sea-level rise

Sea Prayers in Samoa show solidarity with people exposed to sea-level rise

To raise awareness of the impact of climate change, representatives of churches, ecumenical organizations and the United Nations stood together in the sea in Apia, Samoa, in prayerful solidarity with those vulnerable to rising sea-levels and extreme weather events.

WCC calls for increased humanitarian response and responsibility to protect populations in Northern Iraq

A WCC team met last week with religious leaders and community members in northern Iraq to assess the situation of heightened violence and displacement due to attacks by militants of the self-proclaimed “Islamic State” (IS).

Pope Tawadros II speaks on role of Coptic Church in Egyptian society during his visit to WCC offices

Pope Tawadros II speaks on role of Coptic Church in Egyptian society during his visit to WCC offices

Pope Tawadros II, patriarch of the Coptic Orthodox Church in Egypt visited the WCC offices in Geneva, Switzerland on Monday 1 September. In the presence of representatives from ecumenical and international organizations, Tawadros participated in morning prayers followed by a meeting with staff and a conversation with the WCC general secretary.

Churches ask Human Rights Council to support religious minority communities in Iraq

Churches ask Human Rights Council to support religious minority communities in Iraq

The WCC has asked the United Nations Human Rights Council to mandate an urgent mission and joint report – including the special rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief – drawing on the experiences of minority communities in northern Iraq victimized by IS.

1000 years of Christianity in Sweden celebrated

1000 years of Christianity in Sweden celebrated

Recently, a representative of the WCC, the Swedish crown princess, church leaders and thousands of others took part in the celebration of one thousand years of Christianity in Sweden held in the Diocese of Skara in southern Sweden.

Workshop in Nigeria addresses theology and disability

Workshop in Nigeria addresses theology and disability

“God calls everyone, including persons with disabilities, to the fullness of life in Christ,” states a communiqué issued at a consultative workshop on “Theology and Disability” organized in Nigeria by churches and ecumenical organizations. It emphasizes, “God is the sovereign and loving Creator of all people including persons with disabilities.”

“We have to build new bridges”

More than 250 mission workers and church leaders from around the world gathered in Berlin, Germany, 27 to 28 August, for the Mission Respect congress which reviewed the 2011 document "Christian Witness in a Multi-Religious World - Recommendations for Conduct".

Geneva day of fasting in solidarity with migrants

A group of Swiss churches and Christian agencies will mark Jeûne genevois (the annual Geneva day of fasting) on 11 September by holding a public event for local communities at the Ecumenical Centre, Geneva, Switzerland. The event will feature diverse expressions of solidarity and aspirations for social justice for migrants in the region.

A community of young Christians, Muslims and Jews works for climate justice

Amidst the reality of tensions often fueled by religions, a group of Christian, Muslim and Jewish youth has formed a multi-faith community. As part of an interfaith summer course sponsored by the WCC, this community wants to work for the protection of creation – a concern they say is common to all faith traditions.