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Eco-feminist perspectives shared at the WSCF assembly in Colombia

Dr Fulata Mbano-Moyo, the WCC programme executive for Women in Church and Society, called on the movement of Christian students to reclaim its radical transforming nature towards a “pilgrimage of gender justice”.

Gloria Ulloa: The path of our pilgrimage is not towards war

The WCC President for Latin America and the Caribbean, Rev. Gloria Ulloa, has participated at the 35th Assembly of the World Student Christian Federation. The event is currently underway in Bogotá, Colombia, until 5 March.

WSCF assembly in Colombia seeks better understandings of justice and peace

Christine Housel, general secretary of the World Student Christian Federation (WSCF), in an introductory speech, has expressed her hope that the 35th General Assembly of the WSCF may offer better understandings of justice and peace issues.

WCC condemns attacks against a mosque in West Bank and Christian centre in Jerusalem

WCC has condemned recent attacks against a mosque in the West Bank and a Christian centre in Jerusalem that appear to be part of the series of so-called “price-tag” attacks by extremists.

African church-based health experts want more recognition from governments

The ACHAP has urged governments in the region to engage strongly with church-based health bodies as crucial partners in achieving Universal Health Care, at the conclusion of its biannual meeting in Nairobi, Kenya.

WCC commission promotes ecumenical learning and education

The committee that advises WCC governing bodies on promoting ecumenical learning has ended its February 2015 meeting with a series of recommendations to ensure a vibrant study environment.

CCN working for responsible elections in Nigeria

In many countries, national elections can provoke tension and uncertainty. Nigeria is no exception. The elections, originally scheduled for the middle of February, have now been postponed to 28 March, partly as a result of the security situation.

WCC condemns atrocities by the “Islamic State” in Syria

The WCC has strongly condemned the latest attacks and atrocities reported to have been committed by the so-called “Islamic State” against Christians in Syria.

Civil society including churches again denied access to disarmament forum

“With governments spending record sums on arms, the world desperately needs a multilateral negotiating forum dedicated to disarmament,” said Peter Prove, director of the WCC Commission of the Churches on International Affairs.

WCC congratulates new president of the Evangelical community in Egypt

The acting general secretary of the WCC Georges Lemopoulos has congratulated Rev. Dr Andrea Zaki Stephanous on becoming the new president of the Evangelical community in Egypt.

“Jamaica Praying” – a manual for HIV and AIDS has been launched

“Jamaica Praying” – a manual for HIV and AIDS has been launched

A resource book titled Jamaica Praying: a manual for HIV and AIDS sensitive liturgies and sermons was launched last week by the United Theological College of the West Indies. The resource aims to equip church workers to offer a sensitive response to people affected by the HIV and AIDS pandemic.

Addressing the HIV threat through education and training

The idea that HIV is present in the life of every human being, regardless of their susceptibility to the disease, could be seen as shocking. It could even be offensive.

Ecumenical workshop in Cuba promotes life-affirming epistemologies

An ecumenical workshop held recently in Matanzas, Cuba strongly promoted life-affirming epistemologies that can help to envision and construct alternatives to inequitable and destructive socio-economic systems that prevail in today’s world.

Commission on international affairs addresses issues related to religion and violence

Violence perpetrated in the name of religion was highlighted as “a defining issue of our generation” by Canon David Porter when he spoke to members of the Commission of the Churches on International Affairs of the WCC.

WCC shows solidarity with Danish People after attacks at the Synagogue in Copenhagen

In a letter to the Bishop of Copenhagen, Peter Skov Jakobsen, the WCC general secretary Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit has expressed his deep concern on the acts of terror that have hit the Nordic countries again. “You and your people are in my and our prayers these days. Your church has a strong voice for justice and for peace, for living together in the mystery and gift of creation as human beings,” he writes.

Engaging in dialogue on human dignity and human sexuality

Engaging in dialogue on human dignity and human sexuality

In an interfaith dialogue on human dignity and human sexuality organized by the Church of Sweden, the WCC president for Europe has stressed the significance of engaging in dialogue on this topic.

WCC mourns the killing of Egyptian Christians

The WCC has joined its member churches, partners and people in Egypt as they mourn the killings of 21 Egyptian Christians kidnapped by the so-called “Islamic State” (IS) militants in Libya.

WCC congratulates Carlos Emilio Ham on appointment as head of Cuban seminary

WCC congratulates Carlos Emilio Ham on appointment as head of Cuban seminary

The WCC has congratulated Rev. Dr Carlos Emilio Ham on becoming president of the Matanzas Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cuba. Ham, a pastor of the Presbyterian-Reformed Church in Cuba, served the WCC as programme executive in various areas from 2001 to 2013.

WCC hails the Ukraine ceasefire agreement

In a statement issued on 13 February, the WCC has welcomed the ceasefire agreement for eastern Ukraine negotiated in Minsk and announced yesterday.

WCC member church in South Sudan launches educational resource on reconciliation

The Episcopal Church of South Sudan and Sudan’s diocese of Wau has developed a course titled “Reconcile - Moving Forward in Peace”, inviting people to be peace-builders this Lenten season.