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Upcoming WCC Events

Season of Creation

01 September - 04 October 2017 Worldwide

From September 1st to 4 October, Christians around the world are praying and caring for creation. It’s the “Season of Creation”. The beginning and the end date of Season of Creation are linked with the concern for creation in the Eastern and the Western traditions of Christianity, respectively.

Exhibition "12 faces of hope" in Geneva

18 - 26 September 2017 Ecumenical Centre, Geneva

On Monday, 18 September at 10:30, an exhibition of hope for justice and peace in the Holy Land will open at the Ecumenical Centre in Geneva.

Ecumenical Strategic Forum on Diakonia and Sustainable Development

03 - 06 October 2017 Ecumenical Centre, Geneva

The ecumenical strategic forum will articulate a common vision for the churches’ engagement for sustainable development, while strengthening relations and cooperation for ecumenical diakonia.

Commission on Education and Ecumenical Formation meeting

09 - 13 October 2017 Cluj, Romania

The Commission on Education and Ecumenical Formation (CEEF) is the WCC's primary advisory body for the whole area of education, ecumenical formation and faith nurture. The CEEF develops priorities and methodologies in these areas, fosters networking, exchange and collaboration among ecumenical institutions and experts in the area of ecumenical formation.

Workshop on mapping Christian health services

10 - 11 October 2017 Ecumenical Centre, Geneva

Since its establishment, the World Council of Churches has supported health work of the churches globally, by supporting establishing and strengthening of Christian health associations at national and regional levels, global advocacy, and other initiatives. But there is currently lack of data on the contribution of the Christian family to global health. Through a workshop on 10-11 October 2017, the WCC aims to discuss and develop a framework for mapping such data.

Redesigning the Tree of Life: Synthetic Biology and the Future of Food

02 - 04 November 2017 Toronto, Canada

Organized by the World Council of Churches and the Canadian Council of Churches on 2-4 November, in Toronto, Canada, "Redesigning the Tree of Life" is intended as a participatory learning conference, informed by expert presentations, with time to build relationships and shared learning that make future shared work possible.

Executive Committee meeting

17 - 23 November 2017 Amman, Jordan

The 25-person Executive Committee is the WCC governing body, with members from churches in every region, moderated by Dr Agnes Abuom. It meets twice a year to monitor ongoing work, supervise the budget and deal with policy matters referred to it by the Central Committee.

Continuing formation on Health and Healing in Africa

10 - 16 December 2017 Kinshasa, D.R. Congo

The Continuing Formation on Health and Healing in Africa will give a space for young people to come together and discuss the role of the churches in addressing those issues and enabling young people to become actors of healing in their communities within the framework of the pilgrimage of justice and peace.

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

18 - 25 January 2018 Worldwide

The theme for the week of prayer in 2018, "Your right hand, O Lord, glorious in power" is inspired by Exodus 15:6. The resources for the week have been prepared by members of different churches in the Caribbean.

Global Ecumenical Theological Institute 2018

05 - 13 March 2018 Arusha, Tanzania

The Global Ecumenical Theological Institute (GETI) 2018 is a global ecumenical short-term study and exposure programme in accompaniment of the World Mission Conference in March 2018 in Arusha, Tanzania.

Conference on World Mission and Evangelism

08 - 13 March 2018 Arusha, Tanzania

Conference on World Mission and Evangelism is the long tradition of the International Mission Council and the World Council of Churches’ (WCC) Commission on World Mission and Evangelism (CWME), organized every decade.

Central Committee meeting

15 - 21 June 2018 Geneva, Switzerland

The Central Committee serves as the chief governing body of the WCC until the next assembly, meeting every 2 years. It is responsible for carrying out the policies adopted by the Assembly, reviewing and supervising WCC programmes and the budget of the Council.