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Upcoming WCC Events

European Christian Internet Conference

Apr - Apr 28, 2017 Warsaw, Poland / online

Churches have always emerged in public places. Now, the digital world extends and pervades our world: Pokemon Go game, augmented reality apps, 3D games and instant messaging. The 22nd European Christian Internet Conference will look at ways public theology and extended reality can help Christians to give positive nudges to the more and more polarized world.

Christian Entrepreneurship: Ecumenical Opportunities

Apr 27, 2017 Ecumenical Centre, 1 Route des Morillons, Grand Saconnex, Geneva

The World Council of Churches (WCC) and the Geneva Agape Foundation (GAF) invites you to a joint reflection on “What is the role of Christian Entrepreneurs in Churches and the Ecumenical movement?”

Global Ecumenical Theological Institute 2017

May 19, - Jun 01, 2017 Berlin, Germany

The Global Ecumenical Theological Institute 2017 is an ecumenical-theological initiative for education and encounter for advanced theology students from all over the world who are studying in Europe. The concrete encounter and joint studies will contribute to a European network of contacts and strengthen the mutual perception of European and migration churches. Participants shall study and experience horizons of an ecumenical theology and ecclesiology.

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

Jun - Jun 11, 2017 Worldwide (southern hemisphere)

The theme for the week of prayer in 2017, "Reconciliation – the love of Christ compels us", is inspired by verses from the Second Letter to the Corinthians, chapter 5. The resources for the week have been prepared by members of different churches in Germany.

Executive Committee meeting

Jun - Jun 12, 2017 Bossey, Switzerland

The 25-person Executive Committee will meet at the WCC's Ecumenical Institute in Bossey. This WCC governing body, with members from churches in every region, is moderated by Dr Agnes Abuom. It meets twice a year to monitor ongoing work, supervise the budget and deal with policy matters referred to it by the Central Committee.

Commission on Faith and Order meeting

Jun - Jun 22, 2017 Pretoria, South Africa

The Commission on Faith and Order is a study commission of the World Council of Churches. The purpose of the theological studies it undertakes is ecumenical: “to serve the churches as they call one another to visible unity in one faith and in one eucharistic fellowship…”

Living with and Loving the Neighbour – Peacebuilding in Judaism, Christianity and Islam

Jun 26, - Jul 14, 2017 Bossey, Switzerland

Intended for an international audience of young people interested and engaged in interreligious dialogue, the Ecumenical Institute's Certificate of Advanced Studies in Interreligious Studies includes lectures, courses, workshops and study visits to places of interreligious interest, and is accredited by the University of Geneva under the Swiss Higher Education Programme for Continuing Education.

Youth in Asia Training for Religious Amity

Jul - Jul 22, 2017 Jakarta, Indonesia

This two-week residential training programme is for young leaders aged between 20-35 years from the WCC member churches from Asia. Centred on the theme “Passionately Christian and Compassionately Interreligious” the training will equip participants to engage in ministries of justice and peace in pluralistic contexts from an interreligious perspective.

Pan-African Women’s Ecumenical Network

Jul - Jul 14, 2017 Château de Bossey, Bogis-Bossey, Switzerland

The seminar Empowerment of Pan-African Women in the Ecumenical Movement in a Sustainable Development Perspective of the Pan-African Women’s Ecumenical Empowerment Network (PAWEEN) of the Ecumenical Theological Education programme of the WCC, offers an impetus to the invitation of the WCC member churches to join a pilgrimage of justice and peace.

Sharing the Faith in a Multi-cultural and Multi-faith World

Jul 31, - Aug 11, 2017 Bossey, Switzerland

The multi-cultural and multi-faith realities Christians live in today confronts them, in their witness and praxis, with common challenges along with on-going differences among various Christian confessions. In a world of post-modern values and concepts, the voice of the churches remains often unheard and is hardly understood. In these contexts, the faithful members of the congregations across all confessions are getting aged and their number decreases. Other faith communities living in such contexts go through a similar experience.

Central Committee leadership meeting

Aug - Aug 30, 2017 Geneva, Switzerland

The Central Committee is elected by the Assembly from among its delegates and serves as the chief governing body of the WCC until the next assembly, meeting every 2 years. It is responsible for carrying out the policies adopted by the Assembly, reviewing and supervising WCC programmes and the budget of the Council.

Ecumenical School on Governance, Economics and Management

Aug 21, - Sep 01, 2017 Lusaka, Zambia

In order to strengthen the voice of the churches with regards to global economics, a small group of up to 15 current and future leaders representing the churches will have the chance to attend the Ecumenical School on Governance, Economics and Management (GEM) for an Economy of Life in Lusaka, Zambia from 21 August to 01 September 2017.

Building Capacity for Ministry with Migrant Churches in Europe

Sep - Sep 03, 2017 Geneva, Switzerland

Europe is experiencing a new situation: while a majority of its populations have enjoyed decades of relative peace and stability, millions of people from conflict regions beyond its borders have sought refuge in various European countries. These global migration movements have profoundly tested societies on the European continent and prompted serious questions: How do we want to live together? Which values are our societies based on?

World Week of Peace in Palestine and Israel

Sep - Sep 24, 2017 Worldwide

During this week which includes the International Day of Prayer for Peace on 21st September, church organizations, congregations, and people of faith are encouraged to make a common witness by participating in worship services, educational events, and acts of supports to support peace and justice for Israelis and Palestinians.

Commission On Education And Ecumenical Formation meeting

Oct - Oct 13, 2017 Cluj, Romania

The Commission on Education and Ecumenical Formation (CEEF) is the WCC's primary advisory body for the whole area of education, ecumenical formation and faith nurture. The CEEF develops priorities and methodologies in these areas, fosters networking, exchange and collaboration among ecumenical institutions and experts in the area of ecumenical formation.

Executive Committee meeting

Nov - Nov 23, 2017 Amman, Jordan

The Central Committee elects twenty of its members to serve as the Executive Committee of the WCC, along with the Central Committee officers - moderator, two vice-moderators and the general secretary - as well as the moderators of its programme and finance committees.

Continuing formation on Health and Healing in Africa

Dec - Dec 16, 2017 Kinshasa, D.R. Congo

The Continuing Formation on Health and Healing in Africa will give a space for young people to come together and discuss the role of the churches in addressing those issues and enabling young people to become actors of healing in their communities within the framework of the pilgrimage of justice and peace.

Global Ecumenical Theological Institute 2018

Mar - Mar 13, 2018 Arusha, Tanzania

The Global Ecumenical Theological Institute (GETI) 2018 is a global ecumenical short-term study and exposure programme in accompaniment of the World Mission Conference in March 2018 in Arusha, Tanzania.

Central Committee meeting

Jun - Jun 21, 2018 Geneva, Switzerland

The Central Committee serves as the chief governing body of the WCC until the next assembly, meeting every 2 years. It is responsible for carrying out the policies adopted by the Assembly, reviewing and supervising WCC programmes and the budget of the Council.