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GETI 2018

Global Ecumenical Theological Institute 2018

The supportive spirit of collaboration distinguishes Global Ecumenical Theological Institute 2018 (GETI) from the outset as ecumenical partnership project. Thanks to a generous contribution of a longstanding partner, the department has benefitted from complementary administrative support since 19 June 2018 with a part-time project assistant dedicating her full work-time to supporting the programmatic advancement of the preparations.

The following major achievements over the period of the second quarter of 2017 can be presented:

• Completion of the appointment of 24 academic facilitators

• Completion of the participants’ application process

• Establishment of the digital learning platform

• Design of the textbook contents and methodology

• Design of the curriculum outline and provisional schedule

The project team concentrated in the first and second quarter of 2017 on the dissemination of the information material on GETI 2018 on several levels of ecumenical engagement (ecumenical officers, REOs, Christian world communions, and targeted project partners, e.g. associations of theological education in the regions), as well as on the production of guidelines and forms for the implementation of the application process between March and August 2017 through the project’s website (  Furthermore, GETI 2018 has been made visible through different communication means (blogs, news features and social media).

An essential element in the planning of the GETI 2018 has been from the outset the determination to conceptualize it as an ecumenical partnership project. Therefore, the outreach to churches, ecumenical theological institutions, associations of theological education and mission agencies is critical.

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