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WCC requests, looks forward to, dialogue with Israeli authorities

The WCC continues to reiterate complaints about the interrogation and treatment of its staff and professional colleagues at Ben Gurion International Airport on 29 April-2 May. The WCC hopes both the incidents and ensuing conversations can offer more clarity for future visits by WCC staff and ecumenical colleagues to Israel and Palestine.

European Reformation Roadmap to link historical sites in 67 cities, 18 countries

A celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, called the “European Reformation Roadmap,” will begin in November 2016 in Geneva, then tour across sites of significance through May 2017.

Education and interreligious dialogue focus in Galilee

Education and interreligious dialogue focus in Galilee

In the old city of Acre, which is located by the Mediterranean sea in northern Israel, almost all Palestinian families are displaced. Poverty, discrimination and lack of motivation for education are some of the daily obstacles people face.