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Job openings

Current staff vacancies at the World Council of Churches
FileVacancy : EAPPI International Coordinator
The WCC is looking for an International Coordinator for the Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel (EAPPI) at 100%, based in Geneva, with overall responsibility for the management of the programme and supervising the staff, development of the programme, contacts with the WCC structures, public relations, advocacy, fundraising and theological reflections, so as to enhance the contributions of the WCC to the ecumenical movement : 15 May 2016
FileVacancy: EDAN Coordinator
The WCC is looking for a Coordinator of the Ecumenical Disability Advocates Network (EDAN) at 100% in order to strengthen the ecumenical network of people with disabilities through reference from the regions, to conscientise the ecumenical movement and the churches, and to advocate for a truly inclusive church as a theological and ethical imperative. The appointment will be for a first period of 4 years with the possibility of extension. The position reports to the Director Mission and Evangelism : 31 May 2016
There are no vacancies at the moment.
Vacancy notices are posted on Please visit it again later.
File (translatable)Application form
Please send your duly filled application, with reference to the open position, to the Human Resources Office at Human Resources Office World Council of Churches P.O. Box 2100 1211 Geneva 2, Switzerland e-mail:
How to apply for a WCC staff vacancy

Complete application dossiers (curriculum vitae, motivation letter, application form, copies of diplomas and recommendation letters) are to be sent by email to recruitment[at] (preferred option) or by paper mail to:

Human Resources Office
World Council of Churches
P.O. Box 2100
1211 Geneva 2, Switzerland

When filling vacancies the World Council of Churches takes into account regional, confessional, gender and racial balance to the extent possible. However, competence for the job will take precedence.