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Churches in Tanah Papua seek justice, peace and stability

Amidst intimidation, illegal arrests, disappearances, torture and killings in Tanah Papua resulting from tensions between the Indonesian authorities and the Papuan pro-liberation groups, churches seek justice, peace, dignity and security for the Papuans.

Churches enter dialogue on hybridity, hospitality and multi-religious belonging

Exploring in depth the concept of multi-religious belonging in the light of lived experiences, and discerning how churches can respond to it from pastoral and theological perspectives, was the focus of a consultation organized by the WCC and the United Church of Christ in Cleveland, Ohio, the United States.

Ecumenical officers from WCC member churches meet to strengthen a “pilgrimage of justice and peace”

The WCC is hosting the annual meeting of an international group of people with responsibilities for ecumenical relations in several member churches of the WCC. The spring session of the gathering of the Ecumenical Officers Network is taking the theme “pilgrimage of justice and peace” as the inspiration for learning, reflective study and discussion on current developments in the ecumenical movement.