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Pilgrims of climate justice plan to impact COP 21 in Paris

Thousands of people are planning to embark on a pilgrimage of climate justice – either on foot or on bicycles – in many parts of the world.

WCC condemns attacks on churches in Niger

Attacks in Niger, resulting in the destruction of more than 70 churches and the killing of an undetermined number of people, were strongly condemned by the WCC. These events have come as repercussions following the Charlie Hebdo attack and the “Je suis Charlie” campaign in support of the controversial French weekly publication.

WCC condemns violent demonstrations in Kinshasa

The WCC and its member churches expressed deep concern over reports of widespread violent demonstrations in Kinshasa since 19 January.


01 February 2015 Fast for the Climate

27 July - 14 August 2015 Building an interfaith community