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Indonesische Christliche Kirche (GKI)

Church Family :
Based in : Indonesien
Present in :
Membership : 220.000
Pastors : 295
Congregations : 208
Member Of :
Associate Member Of :
WCC Member Since : 1965
Website :

(Gereja Kristen Indonesia, GKI)
The Indonesian Christian Church (GKI) is a uniting church. It was formed by three churches which came together in 1962 and established one church in 1988. The three were the Indonesian Christian Church of West Java, the Indonesian Christian Church of Central Java and the Indonesian Christian Church of East Java. Formerly, these three were Chinese churches developed by the former Netherlands Missionary Society. The new church approved its "Church Order" at its 13th general assembly, held in November 2002. The Indonesian Christian Church (GKI) is a reformed church, and an ecumenical church. It recognizes the interdependency of churches around the world, particularly those of the same confession. It has developed fellowship with other churches in a mutual relationship. It actively promotes the ecumenical movement locally, regionally and internationally.